Policy Administration Software
for Mutual Insurance

Mutual Expert helps you (ME from your perspective) manage your
mutual insurance company from quote to policy.

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Why use Mutual Expert?

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Designed for ME

You talk, we listen. We learn about what you do, and what is important to you based on your specific needs in the industry. We want to learn how we can help YOU. Please contact (ME) at 1-800-864-2843 or sales@MutualExpert.com

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Customized for ME

We take what you’ve shared with us and present a customized solution based on your needs for your specific line of insurance business. We want to learn how we can help YOU. Please contact (ME) at 1-800-864-2843 or sales@MutualExpert.com

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Support for ME

We are here for when you when you need us and will always be there to help with questions and offer the support  you need. The way we see it, you’ve made a commitment to us and we’ve entered into  a partnership with you. A long-term, valued relationship is our goal; and something that we take very seriously. 

ME and you at the NAMIC National Convention

ME and you at the NAMIC National Convention, September 21-24 National Harbor, MD. Visit MUTUAL EXPERT (ME) at Booth 322 to see our latest video about ME or talk with the people that can (and actually do) support your Mutual Insurance Company.

What to Expect from ME Training

Mutual Expert (ME) President Doug Starr recently sat down and discussed how his company handles the task of training clients on the ME software product. In the end, a scalable end-user training strategy will make your new software deployment a more satisfying experience for everyone involved. That is very important to this customer service oriented company.

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Needed to Integrate

“We were stuck in an old DOS system”, Justin Lear, PFMM CEO of Farmers Mutual Insurance Company explained. “And we needed to improve our system”. Farmers Mutual Insurance (FMI) has been insuring Kansas policyholders for 115 years and continues to serve their clients with their mission statement of "Providing Kansans with insurance protection that is reliable and personal".