Mutual Expert’s [dot] Expert is a Web-based insurance platform built using the latest technologies and informed by our extensive industry experience. With [dot] Expert, you gain a powerful yet elegant solution that integrates all facets of your insurance operation.


A Policy Administration ECOSYSTEM


Mutual Expert seamlessly integrates all facets of a carrier’s insurance operation within an easy-to-use, Web-based solution. Built on modern technology and supported by our experienced staff, Mutual Expert is the solution you’ve been looking for to drive growth for you and the next generation.


Mutual Expert includes a comprehensive agency portal that gives your agency force quick quoting capabilities, policy lookup, reporting tools, and more. With its ease-of-use and powerful functionality, Mutual Expert makes your company the preferred carrier to work with.


Mutual Expert gives your insureds direct access to their policy, billing, and claims information. By making this information easily accessible, you gain a more direction connection to your insureds. Mutual Expert helps strengthen your relationship to your insureds, leading to customer retention and growth.

What's new at Mutual Expert

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Mutual Expert to attend NYIA Annual Conference

Mutual Expert will be at the NYIA Annual Conference on May 29–31, 2019.

Mutual Expert Airplane

Mid-Atlantic Mutual Advantage Convention

Mutual Expert will be at the 111th Mid-Atlantic Mutual Advantage Convention. Bryan Rock will be in attendance to show you how Mutual Expert can help streamline and enhance your business practices.

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Team to attend Erie Day of Code

The entire development team is excited to attend the Erie Day of Code again!!  The annual event is taking place at the Erie Art Museum on Friday 5/4/2018.  At Erie Custom Computer Applications (ECCA), continuing education is of the upmost importance.  Our teams are always looking for better ways to serve our customers and the Erie Day of Code is one of those ways.