What is [dot] Expert?


[dot] Expert is a flexible yet easy-to-use system that enables you to manage all aspects of a policy’s lifecycle. And with Mutual Expert’s commitment to provide continual updates to [dot] Expert, the features you see today are not the only ones you’ll have tomorrow.


What’s in a name?

Mutual Expert’s [dot] Expert is available as a hosted solution, with the URL being your-company-name.mutual.expert. When you are at your [dot] Expert site, the name of the product will be, rather cleverly, hiding in plain sight, tucked away in the browser’s address bar.

But there is more to it than that. If you look at the address again, you will see your company’s name comes first.

For us, that is what is important - that when you go to your [dot] Expert, your company gets top billing, with Mutual Expert right behind you providing the software and support you need to retain and grow your business.

MutualExpert NewQuoteQUOTING

  • Powerful rating engine designed to handle both personal and commercial lines.
  • Customizable company-defined rules and formulas.
  • Quick Quote capability.

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  • Process installment bills in batch.
  • Scan for past-due bills and automatically issue non-pay notices.
  • Sweep both agency and policyholder accounts for ACH payments.
  • Customizable pay plan options.


  • Claims management system that handles multiple claimants per accident with separate reserves and payments.
  • Complete diary system and litigation tracker allowing documentation of all aspects of a claim.
  • Agent and Insured ability to create and submit the first notice of loss (FNOL)


  • Comprehensive report library provides the data you need from all aspects of your business developed with Insurance Experts to ensure quality.
  • Included in the report library are advanced premium and claims reinsurance reports; loss ratio analysis reports; and Schedule P reports.
  • Ability to easily create your own reports that suit your company's specific needs with Mutual Expert's custom report designer.


  • Built-in check issuance to generate return premiums; claim loss and expense payments; and commission checks.
  • Generate both paper and electronic 1099 file during year-end.
  • Flexible commission structure - one that allows for different rates for new and renewal business - you can pay agency commissions on either a premium or cash-basis.


  • Mutual Expert also provides interfaces for mortgage notifications, agency system downloads, replacement cost valuations and online processors.
  • Available API allowing users to pull data out of Mutual Expert and into third-party applications.

dotExpert3rdPartyCOMPANY ACCESS

  • Expanded user role setup, including view-only privileges
  • Ability to set up rules for underwriting review at new business as well as renewal.
  • User-customizable home page.
  • Ability to view policy forms while working on a quote, policy or claim.
  • Ability to generate email notification.

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  • Insureds are able to easily view their policy information, declaration pages and invoices.
  • Insureds have the ability to submit payments and FNOL.



  • Full quote, bind, endorse functionality, which automates underwriting rules.
  • Quick quoting feature allowing Agent users to set coverage default.
  • Ability to quickly look up policy information; download policy documents such as declarations and invoices; submit notices of loss; and generate reports specific to their book of business.