Our Company

Mutual Expert is the insurance ecosystem created for mutual insurance companies
and designed to drive growth for you and the next generation.

Mutual Expert is a product of ECCA

Our History

ECCA is the premiere customer-focused business providing payroll processing and tax filing for companies of all sizes. In addition, ECCA specializes in developing software applications for food banks and mutual insurance companies across the country.

Since 1975, ECCA has provided companies with the services and technologies needed to manage and grow their business. While the technology behind the products has changed over the years, ECCA has remained focused on a customer-driven philosophy.

ECCA’s success has grown out of their collaboration with their clients. This belief in working together ensures that the products and services that ECCA continues to offer are tailored to truly benefit their customers.



Doug Starr

President & Owner


Bryan Rock

Product Manager


David Ruler

Director of Business Development


Aaron Starr

Lead Software Engineer


Moss Zanco

Software Engineer


Catrina Spano

Marketing & Creative Director